Introducing HiNOTIFY

An all-new powerful and innovative suite designed to deliver enhanced building services. It is incorporated with Package Management, Guest Registration, Profile Management, Permission-to-enter (PTE) management, Work Orders, Digital Signate and Resident communications.

For Property Managers that handle multiple properties, our portfolio manager, which provides single sign-in access, is ideal. Our innovative tablet-centric system is both powerful and user-friendly, bringing modern features such as PIN-based PTE authorization, automated visitor screening, and a searchable digital visitor log, just to name a few.

Introducing HiNOTIFY

HiNOTIFY Features

Communication Module

Package Management Module

Resident Portal and Apps

Guest & Vendor Registration

Resident Profile Managment

Document Library

Work Order Module

Purchase Order Module

Reservations Module

Digital Signage Module

Permission to Enter

Valet Parking

HiNOTIFY Communication Module

Communication Module

Stay connected. We know time is limited, so we created a module that keeps all communications nice and neat in one convenient place. The communication module gives you the freedom to send individual, group, or building wide notifications, while keeping an in depth log of your correspondences. The Loop supports email, sms, and text-to-voice, giving users the ability to select their preferred method of communication.

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Management Module

While there are many other products out there that try to fulfill package management functions, none does so in a manner that is more streamlined, feature-rich, and secure as ours. Leveraging the tablet revolution, our system incorporates the aspects of providing info, queing requests, and authenticating package sign-outs in a manner unparalleled in the industry. Users are instantly notified, via their preferred communication method, of all information surrounding their deliveries.

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HiNOTIFY Package Management Module
HiNOTIFY Resident Portal Application

Portal and Apps

HiNOTIFY makes a difference to form your life simpler together with your day-to-day engagement task together with your building management. It manages all your communication, reservations, and guest entry all at your finger tips

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Guest & Vendor

No more inefficient or unsecured sign-in sheets. Have visitors and vendors sign in easily via our counter mounted tablet(s). Once registered, front desk staff will immediately see visitor info on their dashboard, along with all available contact information for the resident; no more fumbling through binders to hunt for phone numbers.

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HiNOTIFY Guest and Vendor Registration
HiNOTIFY Resident Profile Management

Profile Management

Finally, there’s a convenient system that gives property managers a powerful and convenient way to manage resident information. Utilizing custom in-boxes, with built-in notifiers/reminders, the system helps property managers keep resident information up to date. Utilizing our innovative approach, all user profile changes (e.g. contact info) and form submissions (e.g. COI) arrive as pending change requests into a customized in-box.

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Documents Library

Skip sending the attachments in your email. Our feature allows the residents to be able to view documents uploaded by property management staff. Items like building rules/community rooms, announcements etc. Able to set permissions between the Board members, Owners & Tenants.

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HiNOTIFY Document Library
HiNOTIFY Work Order Module

Work Order Module

Allow your residents & staff to book amenities in the building with a hassle-free process, property managers can set it to auto approval or require approval manually.

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Purchase Order Module

Stay ahead in planning inventories & Vendors data. Create purchase orders and track them for budgeting purposes. Keep track of invoices/receipts digitally.

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HiNOTIFY Purchase Order Module
HiNOTIFY Amenity Reservation and Community Calendar


Allow your residents & staff to book amenities in the building with a hassle-free process, property managers can set it to auto approval or require approval manually.

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Signage Module

Keep your community & residents up to date by our LDS feature. Showcase the packages notice, message board, weather, CTA information & guidelines without bothering them. Works on any smart TV or device with Internet access (computers/tablets)

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HiNOTIFY Digital Signage Board
HiNOTIFY Permission to Enter

Permission to Enter

Utilizing our unique PIN authentication method, our PTE management module streamlines the open cumbersome task of managing visitor/vendor access.

The PTE module seamlessly integrates into our Guest/Vendor registration module, and allows residents to easily manage access online. PTE’s can be set with date and time restrictions, outside which a PIN would not work. Hands down, it is the most powerful PTE system available today.

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Valet Parking

Residents can submit requests to have their vehicle ready by your garage attendant at a specific time using our HiNOTIFY Application.

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HiNOTIFY Valet Parking

Pricing & Plans

Basic Plan


$1.25 /Unit /Month

  • Resident Profile Management
  • Communication
  • Package Management
  • Guest Registration including Permission To Enter
  • HiNOTIFY Digital Passport and
  • Resident Application
  • Reports
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Enhanced Plan


$1.50 /Unit /Month

  • Everything in the Basic Plan
  • Work Order Module
  • Documents/Library
  • Purchase Order
  • Digital Signage
  • Valet Parking
  • Amenity Reservations

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HiNOTIFY makes it so easy to reach out to all of your residents with just a few clicks. It allows you to choose a tier or a floor or several at the same time. It is a GREAT value for the price!

Andrea G.

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